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October 13, 2017

Intertex is the most important partner among the largest European companies.

Intertex was established to provide an integrated service in the organization of distribution on a large scale, and always interested in marketing its own products.

Intertex is currently the strategic partner of the top European companies involved in the management of the “Never out of Stock” program, by integrating daily and fully into its customer systems through EDI.

It was established in 2001 by three founders (Gianandria Rosa, Stephen Schofer, and Marco Foneroz), whose headquarters are set in 2003 in Bergamo, Italy.

During previous years, there was a lot of cooperation between registered brands in the ready-made garments sector. In 2005,EuroTex was established in the Free Zone in Port Said, Egypt. As per Gianandrea  Rossa:  “With the help of local partners, The establishment of a modern factory, which became during a short period of time able to work with a production capacity estimated at two million pieces per year “.

The establishment of a factory in Egypt was the most appropriate choice to accelerate the process of development from the perspective of Intertex, in fact this rapid development was expected, relying on the inter-presence of Intertex in the European market as well as the logistical role of the group.
Today, Intertex and Eurotex are trading around 30 million euros in the European market.

As per Marco Foneroz:  “The company is currently proposing to invade new markets benefiting from the rapid trend of the decline of the Far East products in the Mediterranean region, and also to the shortened production cycle due to the proximity of Egypt to Italy. The distance between the two countries takes only four days by the sea“.

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